We care more about your marketing than ours.  

Our Advertising Agency in Bemidji, Minnesota
specializes in market analysis, digital marketing, and process automation.

We think of your website as driving up to your house, your social media like your neighborhood, and streamlining processes like adding smart features to your house.   What does the house your business lives in look like? Who are your buisnesses neighboors?

Hand presenting model house for home loan campaign

Your website: I couldn’t see the house number 

We emphasize a strong website with on and off-page Search Engine Optimization for a broad reach. These days it’s not enough to just have a website, the website needs to be tailored so you are found. Search engine optimization is more than just tagging a page with keywords. Search engine optimization helps you get found for what you do and passed over for industry similarities you don’t offer. The more specific you can be about what you do on your website, the easier it is for Google to find you. 

Click here for a great article the difference of SEO headings for cheese cake. Are you looking for cheese cake or perfect cheese cake?

Social Media: Ask your sister if she wants to play with the neighbor kid

As a Marketing Agency based in a small town in Minnesota, we know how small communities work. We use social media to create your online community and connect directly with customers fast. This is an extra special area of what we do. Our founder was one of the first 10,000 members of Twitter, she has studied, enjoyed, and participates in social media research. You can check her Instagram account out that she adores so much here. 

Google Ads: It just makes sense, all the stores are in that area of town.

To tie it all together we use Google Ads to help your customers find you exactly when they need you! 

It’s easier to convince someone they need to buy something when it solves a problem they already have. With that – capture your customer’s attention by being the first listing on the page. That’s what Google Ads does. 

Your Branding: You painted the house blue? 

Our style fosters clean and modern design for easy communication that can be customized to showcase the feeling, look, and values of your company. Just because you can paint the house pink or yellow to stand out doesn’t mean you should. You know the ugly house that grabs your attention at the end of the block, but do you really trust the guy that lives there? If he’s a banker probably not, if its a lady that sells flowers – probably. The look and feeling you present can make or break you in business. We want to make sure your look is easy to understand and trust worthy. 

Automation: We built a smart-house

Ease of doing business has been statistically proven to be the strongest marketing possible. Once your customer has used your services or purchased your product – how easy is it for them to do it again? Our part two is always double-checking our work, making sure you are automated with customer follow-up and have a great understanding of your marketing.

Human in button down shirt at wood table holds brush and pencil while hands are covered in paint.

We make, build, record, promote, and document websites, social media accounts, data sets, ad campaigns, tradeshow booths and merchandise design, video, photography, radio, tv, and more.

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